New Beginnings

by xochitladriana

I’ve put off starting this blog for weeks now and I’ll tell you why.

This new venture into blogging is new and a bit scary for me because it feels like the beginning of something new in my life. After working with kids for the last 13yrs, I am finally embracing and branching out into what I’ve always wanted to do: writing. I have been feeling like it’s time for me to do it and put myself out there. Just last week, I finished a three month internship with Kinfolk magazine. That was one of the most unexpected and biggest blessings in my life. I learned so much in my time with them, and it really helped me see how much I loved writing, styling and embracing a creativity I didn’t really know I had. 

So this blog is the beginning of me exploring that. To be honest, I’m not quite sure what this will all look like, but I hope to share with you guys my experiences in trying my hand at something new and seeing what the Lord has in store for me in this venture. I’m excited to learn and try new things, to put myself out there and see what it leads to.