My time with Kinfolk Magazine

by xochitladriana

I’m so excited to share with you guys a little post about my time doing an internship with Kinfolk! I first came across Kinfolk right after they launched their first issue and immediately felt drawn to the simply beautiful aesthetic and the idea of gathering around a meal with your loved ones. I kept up with their online journal and eagerly awaited the next volume, then in February of 2012, my friend Parker Fitzgerald asked me if I wanted to be in a shoot for the magazine. I am not that comfortable in front of a camera, but I was excited to get to be a part of a magazine I enjoyed. The photo shoot was a really fun experience, and getting to be in Volume Four was great, but I had no idea that meeting the forces behind the magazine would take me where it did this spring.

Since the photo shoot last winter, I had kept in touch with the people at Kinfolk. I did some work with the shipping department and as time went on I got to know them better. One day while at the offices, I found out that they were looking for interns for spring. Though I had never done any work with a publication before, I felt prompted to at least talk to them about it, even with me having no experience. Honestly, I thought it was a long shot, but I just had to try. That long shot paid off, because after a few talks and me sending in a writing sample (which incidentally was the first thing I had written in years and I wrote while sitting on the floor at Powell’s while waiting to see Dave Eggers, one of my favorite authors), I got the position of Spring Intern.

Going into it, I really had no idea what to expect. Yes, I had the guidelines and descriptions of what I would be taking part in, but it was all so new to me that at first I felt so nervous about what I had gotten myself into. The anxiety wore off pretty quickly as I became more comfortable and confident about what I was doing. I was learning new things every day and I had the responsibility but also a freedom I had never experienced to be creative every day that I was there. I was not there to make copies and go on coffee runs, but to bring ideas to the table and help with photo shoots and have a voice in a group of people that I had a lot of respect for. Most of the work I did there was contributing content for Kinfolk Digital and preparing for the launch of the new website. I also got to help with shoots, do some styling, work alongside some incredibly talented people and see a concept go from an idea in my head to becoming a story with my words alongside the photography of one of my closest friends, James Fitzgerald III (I’ll be sharing that piece soon). I got to go to the Portland Flower Market, a place which will forever be my favorite place to go run errands. I had the chance to be a part of a few of the Kinfolk workshops, of which the flower potluck was a highlight and brought with it connections to some sweet people. I got to laugh and learn and enjoy the company of some seriously hilarious and hard working folks. I was challenged to actually do what I was too afraid to do for years – write. Be creative. Take a risk and do something out of my comfort zone.

I still have a hard time wrapping my head around and putting into the right words what this experience meant to me and how utterly humbled and honored I was to have had that time with Kinfolk. The things I learned, people I met and things I got to do were not something I saw coming or was possible for myself. I am blessed to have shared that time with people who are not just putting out a pretty publication every four months, but actually live in community, have a love for and see the importance of friendship and family and have some of the most welcoming and humble hearts I have had the pleasure to get to know. I am thankful for my time with them and can’t wait to share with you the work I got to do with them as it comes out in the new website.