Hello! I just started this blog and already

Hello! I just started this blog and already I have been slacking on posting as much as I wanted to! The last couple of weeks have been sun and busy and I have been running around with barely any time to spare. 

Last week was my birthday and I got to celebrate it with some of my most favorite people. I did not know what was planned, just went along with what my friends had in store for me. I was spoiled with breakfast at my favorite place, hours of swimming at a secret spot in the middle of the Columbia River with the gorge all around us and a BBQ with my nearest and dearest to end the day. The rest of the week was filled with a friend’s birthday, 4th of July, backyard camp outs, river times, BBQs and so much fun. 

It’s been a really good time lately, but I am finding myself getting worn out and needing to be better at slowing down and saying “no” to things sometimes. I need to get back to my normal routine and be better disciplined about how I spend my time.

Now, I know this is the quickest little post, but I promise to bring back my full attention to it in a couple of days. I am going to have some wonderful photos and  things to share with you guys here in the next week!